Daily Disaster Prevention

For every potential daily disaster, Yak Sak provides prevention. The Yak Sak bag offers a sealable, foldable, non-leaking solution for life's messiest moments.

Everyone has experienced those unpleasant daily disasters, whether it's getting sick in the car, ice cream ruining the upholstery, or a dirty diaper leaving a smelly mess. The wonderfully versatile Yak Sak bag was created to prevent these messy moments and provide you with everyday peace of mind.

The Yak Sak bag receives all your unpleasant matter and can be double-folded and secured for storage or disposal. You can also use Yak Sak to store an accessory (moist towelette, motion sickness pills, dog poop scoop, etc.). The Yak Sak bag can be conveniently stored in a glove compartment, purse, pocket, nightstand, car seat pouch, gym bag, diaper bag, first aid kit, or any other place to help prevent your daily disasters.

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Places for Yak Sak bags:

  • Glove compartment
  • Purse
  • Diaper bag
  • Gym bag
  • Nightstand
  • Airplane
  • Boat/RV
  • Cruise kit
  • Amusement parks
  • Camping/hiking
  • First aid kit
  • Your pocket

For compact storage:

1. Fold bag in thirds.

2. Keep shut by securing fasteners.

3. Use the pass-through pocket for accessories.